In its first edition in 2016, the CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL: CONHECIMENTOS PERTINENTES PARA A EDUCAÇÃO NA AMÉRICA LATINA (THE INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS: KNOWLEDGE RELEVANT TO EDUCATION IN LATIN AMERICA) - EDUPALA had as the decolonial theoretical perspective and the possibility of understanding the World from the place where human beeing is, valuing the cultural and Regional history.

Reflections on these assumptions have potentizalized their protagonism in research, teaching and extension, the tripod that grounds theactions of the Universidade do Planalto Catarinense UNIPLAC.

At the 2nd edition of the EDUPALA in 2018, year when the Master's Course in Education has been reaching 13 years of existence, our looks have turned to the "Latin American Educator". Field which is yet under explored. by the Education, the training of trainers includes discussions on thetraining of teachers, social mediators, agents of change,managers, social educators and other professionals and researchers of the Education area.

As such, we are pleased to present the II EDUPALA that will be held on 24th, 25th and 26th september, 2018 at the UNIVERSIDADE DO PLANALTO CATARINENSE (UNIVERSITY OF CATARINENSE PLATEAU), MUNICIPALITY OF LAGES, mountain ranges of Santa Catarina state, Brazil. The Event has been organized by Education Graduate Program (PPGE / UNIPLAC) faculty and will be attended by scholars and researchers - brazilians and foreigners ? who have been discussing training of trainers. Supported by the ideas of Bauman (2000) in announcing that knowledge loses the status of absolute truth and already has recognized as a possible version for the facts and, from the ideas of Hall (2005) that formation based on knowledge with a stable identity gives way to the conception of the human being decentralized of its certainties, we invest in the deepening of discussions on the "Latin American trainer".

With dynamic identity, teachers and trainers face the challenge of building knowledge and themselves from the experiences in life, theoretical dialogues and discussions that emerge in training spaces.

There is a need to think about training no longer anchored in a reductionist and content-based paradigm, but capable of considering the subjects in their contexts, their life histories, experiences and knowledge.

In these terms, participating in EDUPALA will provoke debates and reflections on the Relevant Knowledge of the area of training of trainers, mainly for the possibility of rethinking their pedagogical practices. This perspective is compatible with innovative, participatory and democratic work.

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